New Observation Site

This is a special blog post for the people from Wolverhampton & Perton Library astronomy clubs on the ‘observation notification’ text list. It’s intended to give details about a new observation site in Bobbington, by Halfpenny Green airport.
With only a few clear Tuesdays since November, WOLVAS club member Steve Hare and myself have been looking for alternative places around the same area that could be useable any day of the week. Last weekend we visited Farthingdales Camp Site, opposite Halfpenny Green Airport in Bobbington. The campsite owners have agreed to allow us use a portion of the campsite that is away from the security lights. We will also be able to use the (very clean!) campsite toilets.
This new site isn’t meant as a replacement for Trysull, but rather an alternative semi-rural site that can be used on other days than Tuesdays.

Where is it?

It’s very easy to find. Turn right at the Himley lights, if you’re coming from Wolverhampton, and stay on that road for 4.9 miles. This will take you past the Halfpenny Green Vineyard on your right, then Blakelands on your left. Not far after Blakelands you turn left into Crab Lane (signposted for the airport). After 0.4 miles, you’ll see the entrance to the campsite on your right, (see picture below).
If you come across the entrance to the airport on your left, you’ve gone too far.
The postcode given on-line is DY7 5DZ, but please note I haven’t tested this with my satnav. You have my mobile number in case you get lost.



The observation site is just to the left. As you turn right off Crab Lane and enter the camp site, turn left then follow the single-track road bearing right. There’s places to park, (indicated by the P).

We’ve agreed to pay £10 per session, as we’ll be using their land, and the facilities of the campsite. So however many of us turn up for a session, we’ll split the cost evenly between us. Steve and I agreed that even if only two people turn up, a fiver each is well worth it for access to a dark sky site with toilet facilities.
There’s a very good low horizon to the north, south and west, but the east is less exposed, with tall trees obscuring some of the sky.
There’s no access to electric like at Trysull, so I suggest bringing a flask for a warm drink.
I’ve enabled ‘comments’ on this post, if anyone has any questions or comments, click the ‘leave a comment’ tab.
Fingers crossed we get loads of clear skies!


Observing site, looking North

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