Tales from the observatory

I’m going to try and finish my Elan Valley notes today. Until then, I’m putting up a few photos from the observatory in Shropshire. My telescope is in there now as a temporary measure, (the large dog needed cleaning and collimating, and needs the mount modified. A work in progress!). Picture one shows my 8″ scope in the dome,
Picture two is a half-second shot of M42, (showing some nice colours, I’m pleased, though clouds came over before I could better focus).
Thirdly, the open cluster M38 in Auriga, and another smaller cluster NGC 1907. I’m really pleased that my DSLR can pick up these Messier objects. I’ll look forward to clearer skies and getting my own shots of all the clusters in  Auriga and Gemini. I’d have managed it last night but I was thwarted by clouds.
(Note to self – Leaping Minnow asterism points to smiley face, and M38 is by the face’s right eye.)
Picture four shows detail of the waning moon taken Monday 26th.