Jupiter meets Mars

Jupiter and Mars were at close conjunction yesterday in the morning sky. I got to see them, but didn’t have any astro gear with me. I did journey out this morning though, at 6.30, and managed to get some shots. Jupiter is the brightest, with Mars underneath, and the star Zubenelgenubi, in Libra, to the right, (what a name!).


Through the four-inch, with the 2X Barlow, I was able to get an image of Jupiter, four of its moons and Mars underneath. There’s slight trailing but I can see the colour of Mars, and considering the limitations of a £99 telescope, I was pleased with the image. Europa is the moon on the left of Jupiter, and Ganymede, Calisto and Io form a triangle to he right.
The 10mm lens on my 4″ scope captured both planets. I was a little disappointed that no cloud bands could be seen through the 4″, but the table I’d got it resting on was shaky and the cold made my fingers numb. So not ideal circumstances. More Jovian observations needed through the 4″. The ease it requires in setting up though, makes up for its limitations.


The waning Moon was very bright through the crisp, clear, cold morning.