The Heratige 100p Table-top Dob

I’ve made a wooden box for my 4″ table-top reflector. Partly made from new floorboards, |I’ve made it so the scope doesn’t get battered in the van, and It’ll also double as a table. I took it over Shropshire recently and it performed admirably. The globular clusters of M13, M92 and M3 all appeared bright and sharp, and alongside me Opticrom 10X50s, and exH01cellent ‘wide field’ evening was had, (Beehive, Bernice’s Hair, etc). Constellation wise, Hercules and Bootes made their first appearance of 2019 (to me, anyway).
Although I took my 8″ reflector to the Elan Valley last October, when I was in the actual Dark Sky site, I found the 4″ on a photography tripod a lot easier to H03use. Not least because it was so cold, at -4, that I didn’t relish setting up an equatorial mount.
I’m going to write up my observations of Sagittarius and Capricorn from that evening sometime, it really is a rare chance I get to look towards the galactic centre.


Looking towards Perseus in the Elan Valley October 2018