Planning Ahead

I don’t know when my next observation session will be, (do we ever?), but I really need to pre-plan and become more methodical. I said the same thing on here last year, and I’m not sure I’ve done that. My last session (4th Feb) had me at a bit of a loss which new objects to find, despite me having many books with suggestions.
One problem is I’ve worked my way through the ‘visible from here’ Messier list, and the NGC objects aren’t quite as easily memorable by their numbers. This is why the Caldwell list, and O’Meara’s Secret Deep and Hidden Treasures lists are better, (I’ve also been looking at my observation book from the 90’s and I used to do quick sketches, and I should start doing that again. Although I write up my sessions on here and Stargazers Lounge, there’s something nice and tactile about having an observing book).
So, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to do an NGC update with ‘slang’ names and Caldwell and O’Meara notations in bold.

NGC 5196 (Whirpool Galaxy companion)
NGC 7789 (Perseus Double Cluster) Caldwell 15
NGC 457 (Perseus Double Cluster) Caldwell 15
NGC 7217 – Galaxy in Perseus
NGC 1647 Cluster in Taurus (Pirate Moon Cluster) Hidden Treasure 27
NGC 1746 Cluster in Taurus (NGC 1750 & NGC 1758) Secret Deep 17&18
NGC 1807 Cluster in Taurus (Poor Man’s Double Cluster) Secret Deep 20
NGC 1817 Cluster in Taurus (Poor Man’s Double Cluster) Secret Deep 21
NGC 2129 Cluster in Gemini
NGC 2392 Planetary Nebula (Eskimo) Gemini Caldwell 39
NGC 2683 Spiral Galaxy Lynx (UFO) Hidden Treasures 47
NGC 1907 Cluster Auriga (M38 ‘companion’)
NGC 1664 (Auriga cluster)
NGC 1023 Galaxy Perseus Hidden Treasures 10
NGC 4490 Galaxy in Canes Venatici Hidden Treasures 63
NGC 4485 Galaxy in Canes Venatici
NGC 7502 Open Cluster in Andromeda Caldwell 28
NGC 6207 Galaxy in Hercules Secret Deep 73
Others to check later. . .
NGC 2362
NGC 2354
NGC 663
NGC 659
NGC 6664
NGC 475
NGC 2169
NGC 3384
NGC 4478
NGC 129
NGC 7419