I’m back here.

You would have expected, with more time on my hands, that I’d have been filling this blog up during lockdown. Quite the opposite’s happened and I’m not sure why. When I logged in here this morning I found WordPress had changed the editor and that was annoying (I liked the old one), till I found out how to install the old editor. Now I’m okay. 
I’ve done plenty of observing over the last six months, but because the observatory’s site, (on private land), has been in a bit of a state of turmoil with the owners, I haven’t used it as much. To say ‘it’s been a strange year’ is a bit of an understatement.
I’ve just updated December and January with a short observation report and a cut and paste of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction event I organised for the local society. And last night I took some lunar shots, though any deep sky stuff was washed out by the 97% moon. 

Asteroid Vesta is at opposition on the 5th March. It’s about fifth magnitude now and quite easy to find. I took this last night, I’ll take another tonight and hopefully there’ll be some detectable movement. Two clear nights on the run, amamzing!