The 22 missing Messier objects

And I don’t mean things like the Double Cluster in Perseus, which by rights should have a Messier number. I mean the objects I’ve personally never seen. Which may not be strictly true, as I’ve seen deep-sky stuff just taking an un-navigated tour, but these are the objects that I haven’t entered in my observation notes.
Which means I cannot say I’ve seen them. That’s how it works, see?
M4. An open cluster in Scorpius.
M6 Open cluster in Scorpius
M7 Open cluster in Scorpius
No secret why I haven’t seen these. Scorpius is below the horizon here. I don’t know how far south I’d have to travel to see these.
M30 Globular Cluster Capricorn.
Again, a low summer constellation, but see-able.
M48 Galactic cluster, Hydra
Another very low constellation. And a dim one at that, barely visible from here.
M50 Open cluster, Monoceros.
No excuse for not seeing this one. Just to the left of Canis Minor, visible in the winter.
M55 Globular cluster Sagittarius 
Out there to the left and on its own, quite low. One for the summer hit-list.
M62 Globular Cluster Ophiuchus 
Again, a summer target.
M68 Globular cluster Hydra
M69 Globular cluster Saggitarius
M70 Globular Cluster Sagittarius 

M68 is too low, but M69 and M70 do-able with a low horizon.
M72 Globular cluster Aquarius
M73 Asterism, Aquarius
Again, Summer targets
M74 Galaxy in Pisces
Interesting! Easily viewable, I’ve just never looked. But the Pisces is a bit rubbish.
M75 Globular in Sagittarius
Again, this summer..
M77 Galaxy in Cetus
A winter target this time, in that big boring part of the winter sky
M79 Globular cluster in Lepus
Low in winter, under Canis Major. Hmmm..
M80 Globular cluster in Scorpius
Too low
M83 Galaxy in Hydra.
Do-able, about now, as it happens.
M97 Planetary nebula in Ursa Major
11th mag. I suppose I’ve just never had dark enough skies.
M101 Galaxy in Ursa Major
To my embarrassment, I’ve never seen it.
M107 Globular cluster in Ophiuchus
And we end with another summer target.