In Lunar Mode

“we’re certainly in lunar mode” as a great modern antiquarian said. It was the 50th anniversary of the Moon landings last week,

(or about ten or so days ago), so much was going on. I saw Apollo 11 at the Imax in Telford, and it was glorious. I wanted to see it again, but work wouldn’t permit.


Andrew Lound Lecture at Perton Library

After a rather good lecture at a local library, I headed out with a friend to try and catch the lunar eclipse. Between very cloudy spells I saw (and photographed it) through the little four inch reflector I wrote about a few posts back. It was quite an impressive eclipse, helped, actually, by the clouds, which made the lit part of the moon look like a regular phase, but lit from below, rather than the side, and with much softer terminator.