Clouds clouds clouds

But there was a brief break tonight, so I hot-footed it over to the observatory. Before the clouds came over again I managed so nice views of the Moon, and I spent a while checking out the smaller craters in Mare Crisium. Then, battling with the clouds, I managed the Ring Nebula at 11pm, not yet fully dark, so good, and I split the ‘double double’ with the 9mm eyepiece. Albereo, then a cup of coffee as the clouds rolled over and Capella was really low twinkling away.
Jupiter rose about 11.30, but the big dob won’t go low enough to get it. I wish my 8″ was back in there to be honest. It’s infuriating seeing stuff in the sky you want to look at, and not being able to get the scope on it.
I did get a glimpse of a very cloudy Jupiter in the 4″ on returning to my van. One moon, and a disc with no markings. Then I drove home.
Not exactly ten galaxies tonight, was it?