Earthshine, Venus and Jupiter

Had a good astro-evening last night. Visited Perton Library Astronomy group, then headed out to Boscabel House ‘observing site’ (such as it is!) and got a shot of the Moon and Venus, which I’m pleased with. 1600 ASA, 1sec, f2.8.


Through the Heritage 100p, with my 9mm eyepiece, I was very pleased with the views of Jupiter too. The cloud bands were easily seen, and once again I was surprised by the capabilities of this £99 telescope. This next picture, however, was taken on the 9th May, with the 8″ mirror on the Skywatcher.


And lastly, the crescent Moon through the 100p. I’ve got more to write up later when I’ve got time, about M51, the Whirlpool Galaxy in Canes Venatici….