The Perseids 2017


We had a nice gathering in Shropshire for the Perseid Meteor Shower. A few astronomers, campers and friends all lined their chairs up and got snug with blankets, wine or whatever, on the Saturday night, and between 22.15 and 00.10 we logged 102 meteorites.  Not all of them were Perseids, I estimated about twenty were the usual sky-blazers you’d see anyway on a night observing for a couple of hours. Three in particular were fantastic fireballs, leaving smoky trails. One had a green hue. Quite spectacular!
In the day, my astronomy friend Graham was setting up, and getting acquainted with some seriously technical imaging equipment, with a view to solar imaging (pictured above). The next day, Graham and I sat for another hour hoping to see more meteorites, but  there was slight cloud cover, we saw only six. I tried to capture one on film, but after an hour of constant 20 second exposures, the battery died. But it was another pleasant night out in the sticks.