Clear skies last Saturday


I had a clear night at the star-party Shropshire camp-site last Saturday night. I’d made a list of some Messier objects I wanted to find for the first time, but other campers came over and it sort of turned into a ‘greatest hits’ evening, as I wanted to show them some interesting stuff, rather than have them watch me hunting for faint fuzzies.
So, it was Jupiter and its moons, the Ring Nebula, Mizar, Alberio, the Great Cluster in Hercules, that sort of thing. I had the SLR with me, but didn’t do any photography. My Fuji compact, which I take constellation photos with, need repair (again). A shame, as the Milky Way stretched overhead beautifully. Summer seems to have arrived quickly. Because of the British Summer Time thing, it kind of messes with the natural flow of the changing seasons, and the timing of the darkening skies. It feels like a needle jumping on a record.
I drove the van over to the corner of the field where I’m having the star-party, which is also called a meteor-watch. I really should call it one thing or another.